Cute “Spot the Difference Games” that Hooks You

A Japanese web portal Kids@nifty provides a lot of fun online games. Although they are designed for children, some are challenging enough that even grownups can enjoy!

For example, the website has more than 70 kinds of Spot the Difference Games, which the player finds the differences between two images.

The images are so cute and some are seasonal. There are three levels, and level 3 (marked red) is the hardest. You have to find 7 differences within a minute (?).

Because this game makes you use your brain, it will be good for change in a sleepy afternoon. But be careful, it makes you want to try more!

To play the games, visit Kids@nifty Spot the Difference Games List.


How to Play

1: Click the image you want to play.

2: Wait till the start page appears.

3: There will be two clickable yellow bars, click the upper one. (The lower one is description.)

4: Find and click the differences on the right image.

5: If you click and you are wrong more than 3 times, you will lose the game.



This is JAPAN Style!