[Japan after Quake] New Program Opens! Private School to Promote Reconstruction of Fukushima

Japan Style have shared a lot of information on the reconstruction of those severely affected areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake so far, and I’m sure some of you wonder if there is any update (thank you for waiting :-)).

Here is another article I would like to share with my dear Japan Style readers on the matter today!

This is an article about new program offered by the Fukushima University to nurture potential young leaders of Fukushima.


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The program started from May this year was realised by “Utsukushima Fukushima Support Centre” of the Fukushima University with a strong support of companies such as Kirin Brewery, which is actively promoting its reconstruction support called ‘Kirin Kizuna project’.

The lectures will be held between May and December 2013, and its small-sized classes will accommodate 20 of young people with a strong passion in the reconstruction of Fukushima.  The program aims to produce young leaders who can take the initiative in reconstructing the area which their decedents will be able to proud of in several decades or a century time.


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Topics of the program included in the course are “Branding food of Fukushima”, Creating new industry” and “Fostering a culture that survived the earthquake” according to the article, but we can see that they are all tailored to meet the need in the construction.  The program will not only provide class room lessons as stated above, but will also include field works at the evaluation zones around nuclear plants in Fukushima as well as Chernobyl.

I can only be a third party here as I cannot take the course, but I like the approach of the program to nurture potetial future leaders from young people (for this reason, the program is not taking any class fee apart from operating fee!!).  Training people rather than sending them to the actual site to help people living there immediately may take a while before all will be in place and people started see an effect.  But I see there are a lot of young, passionate people, who desperately want to devote themselves for the construction of the region regardless of where they are from.  And giving such people a strength and wider scope to think about what they can do or should do will surely be a treasure of those young people and the rest of us 🙂


The article I introduced today is available in English, so please have a read if you are interested.

>>> Tohoku Fukko Shimbun


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Source: Tohoku Fukko Shimbun


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