How to Make Authentic CRUNCHY TEMPURA

Have you ever made tempura by your self??

Whether YES or NO, let me give you some tips to make super delicious one!

First, we have to see what authentic tempuras look like.



The best tempuras are thin battered and really crunchy even after it gets cold.

Three stars Japanese restaurants never serve “where is my shrimp?” kind thick battered ones.

<Tempura Recipe>
-Whatever you want to fry (ex. shrimp, shitake mushroom, eggplant, yam)
-1 cup of weak flour
-1 cup of ICY water
-1 egg

1. Mix the batter but not too much.
2. Heat oil till it gets 180 degree Celsius.
3. Fry the battered ingredients

Here are the tips
1. Use icy water for batter. (You can put ice cubes)
2. Do not mix batter so much
3. Use a lot of oil to fry

Eat with tentsuyu, thin teriyaki sauce or salt!

Fish Tempura
Fish Tempura. Photo by (c) Tomo.Yun


This is JAPAN Style!


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