Chili Oil Boom in Japan

Chili oil is eaten in many countries including Japan, where it has been used for especially Chinese cuisine.

You may be surprised but the condiment is the rage among the Japanese now.

What we are crazy about is not simple chili oil but chunky one with some ingredients such as garlic, onion, ginger, and so on.

A jar of chunky chili oil and tofu with chunky chili oil on it.




Japanese chili oil

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Because it is flavorful, you can just put on tofu or rice and eat without adding anything else.

The recent popularity of chili oil encouraged producing chili oil flavored foods.


“Chili Oil Flavored Potato Chips”

chili oil chips

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“Chunky Chili Oil Burger”

chili oil burger

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We hear or see chili oil every day on TV, magazine, newspapers or at stores and restaurants. At some restaurants, they began to serve their food with chili oil.

This chili oil boom seems to last for a while.


This is JAPAN Style!


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