Sounds Odd but Tastes Great! ICE CREAM RAMEN

Miso, soy sauce, salt, pork, spicy, curry…there are various kinds of ramen soup in Japan, but the ramen house that serves ICE CREAM RAMEN is probably only Kikuya in Adachi ward, Tokyo.

It is a ramen served with vanilla ice cream wafers (there is cone version too). It sounds too weird but it is reportedly delicious!


In the soy sauce based ramen, green onion, seaweed, bamboo shoots,
and roasted pork fillet were topped.
It looks good just like that.


And then, the cook cut an ice cream wafer and topped on the ramen!


Added a boiled egg and sprinkled some seaweed, the ice cream ramen is ready! (top photo)


The Rocket News 24 writer described the taste as creamy, rich, and shockingly delicious. It tells that the base soup stock is rightly cooked by the skilled cook.

The writer even emphasized that it was much more delicious than any ordinary ramen around there.

The reason why the cook started making ice cream ramen was simple. He said “because a neighbor kid asked me to make one.”

The ramen house also serves COCOA RAMEN, which the writer said also delicious. It is not salty or sweet but bitter.



“Making Ice Cream Ramen”


10-3 Okawa, Senju, Adachi ward, Tokyo
Open Hour: 11am-3pm/6pm-8pm
Close on Mondays and Thursdays


Source: Rocket News 24 (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!