“Graffiti Artistic Dining” Futuristic Dining Bar in Roppongi, Tokyo

The dining bar “graffiti artistic dining,” Japan’s first bar that features playable touch-screens opened in an international, night town, Roppongi, Tokyo three months ago. In the 195 square meters lounge, there are 46” and 32” interactive LCD screen-built tables. The images and music create an atmosphere like another dimension.


Image by multitouchfi

Image by multitouchfi


The customers can look at the menu, play games, and travel world with Google Earth on the panels (see the video below).



The dining serves organic fusion cuisine including “Lobster and Scallop or Sharan Roast Duck Sushi with wasabi flavor sauce” and “Ceasar salad and Red Komachi chips served with fine parmesan cheese.”

The graffiti artistic dining opens 6pm to 4am. It is located between the Tokyo Midtown and the Roppongi Hills. For more information, check the official website (English).




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