Grilled Eel for “Doyo-no-ushinohi”




Four days to “doyo-no-ushinohi”, a day to eat eel in Japan.

“Doyo-no-ushinohi” are based on the Wu Xing and different in each year.



The custom began in the 18th century. An eel restaurant in a slump asked advice from a doctor and inventor, Hiraga Gennai. He got idea from a popular belief that “eating something that has ‘u’ in its name helps to increase stamina and beat the summer heat,” and he advised the restaurant to post a sign said “Ushinohi Today.” With the famous doctor’s recommendation, the restaurant gained plenty of customers.

On the “doyo-no-ushinohi,” we usually eat “unajyu” or “unadon,” which are grilled eel with soy sauce-base sauce on rice.




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You may have had unagi (eel) at sushi restaurant. The taste is similar to those eel on rice dishes although sushi is served at room temperature while eel on rice dishes are served hot.


“Unagi Sushi”

unagi sushi

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On the eel day, the Japanese go to eel restaurants or buy grilled eel at supermarkets.

Eel is very nutritious and delicious, so if you ever visit Japan, please try eel dishes!



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