New? But Traditional Monja: Fukaya’s Monja


Monja is very familiar among Tokyoites, so you might have heard the name of it.

But have you ever heard the name of “fry-yaki” before?

There is original monja culture in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture.

So, today I would like to introduce Fukaya’s traditional monja and “fry-yaki.” ^_^

Here is a long-lasting monja restaurant, “Okeya.” Hmm, how interesting the interior is! Look at posters on the wall. They all have nostalgic air.


In case you didn’t know, it’s open.


Popular among ladies


Fukaya’s monja is very unique because they also add curry powder and small shrimps.

How to eat Fukaya’s monja is very simple, you don’t need to do anything special.

Just fry and eat it with a small spatula. Or you can also fry it enough to enjoy its crispy.

Wow…the combination of curry flavor and sweet green onions is so delicious. ♪


Can you see yellow powder and pink shrimps?


Doesn’t it look like South America?


Let’s try today’s main dish “fry-yaki”!

“Fry-yaki” looks like “okonomiyaki” with green onions instead of cabbage.


I wonder how it tastes like….


Sauce on the surface….Enjoy!


You can eat Fukaya’s monja even in Japanese sweet shops. Japanese sweet shops are small and traditional stores which sell sweets or small toys to children, though they can’t be seen very often these days.

This is the sweet shop where you can also eat monja.


More liquid than the last one


Watch out! Pour into the pan very carefully!


Look at this fluffy monja!


Topping is fried noodles


How do they look? Fukaya is also an interesting city to visit. So, come around and try Fukaya’s special monja by yourself!  😛

Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!