What’s this? Segway like unique vehicle in Japan


When I was looking for a video of Segway on YouTube, I found a unique video of another vehicle.


motor car



In Japan, this wheelbarrow is used at construction sites to carry earth and sand, and concrete.

It is usually pushed by a person but the one is in the picture is equipped motor and tires in the back, so it works like a go-kart.


This is the video.




I am sure that the person who made it is good at mechanics, but the description on the video says “It is deficient in power for traction…”

I think it is an interesting creation for fun though.

It can be used for a simple moving or to carry things, but because it is involving the road traffic law, he can’t ride it in public.

Anyway, I thought it is unique vehicle(?) found only in Japan.


That’s all for today (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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