4D Cityscape Tokyo Time Puzzle

A unique three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle called “4D Cityscape Tokyo” will be on the market this fall. It is a puzzle of the scenery in Tokyo with a history experience feature.

2D jigsaw puzzle + 3D architecture pieces + Time = 4D



The 2D puzzle is the map of Tokyo in 1950s when there were a lot of streetcars running. The details of streetcar rails are drawn on the map.

On the 2D map, 3D architecture pieces are put in chronological order.

Building Tokyo skyscrapers, you can see quite clearly how Tokyo developed from west to east.



It sounds very educational. Schools might be interested in the puzzle for history classes.

The 43.4×61.4×9cm puzzle has 1,100 jigsaw puzzle pieces and 91 three-dimensional pieces.

Other cities such as New York and London are also available. You’ll find them at online stores like Amazon.


Image from YouTube

Link: Rakuten “4D Cityscape Tokyo” (English)

Source: Excite News


This is JAPAN Style!