Man who Reproduces Pokemon Cities with Paper

This Niconicodouga (video sharing site) user creates beautiful paper dioramas of cities from Pokemon games. They are so detailed and reproduced the fictional cities accurately.



He calculates the size of each object and makes every detail with paper.

Although the cities in Pokemon are fictional, they are based on Japanese cities. So even I haven’t played the game, I recognized atmosphere and landmarks in the dioramas.

If you have played any Pokemon game, you will go “WOW! COOL!” but even if you haven’t, these paper dioramas will impress you!

Here are his videos! Click the speech balloon (with 3 dots) to hide comments over the video.


Pewter City (Small town in Kanto Region): This is (I think) the smallest town that he made.


Goldenrod City (Osaka-like city)


Olivine City (Kobe-like city)


Jubilife City (Sapporo-like city)


The creator withholds his name and occupation, so we don’t know if he is a professional or just making these as a hobby. The viewers think that he can make fortune by selling the dioramas to Pakemon freaks (^_^)


Images by Niconicodouga


This is JAPAN Style!