High-Tech Trash Bin in Tokyo

I recently read a blog post about a high-tech trash bin installed in Shibuya, Tokyo.


trash box tokyo

It’s very modern and cool trash bin. Many people passing the street look at it.


trash box tokyo

According to what the sign says, it is a machine which automatically separates trash by colors for example.
It’s a little too exaggerated, isn’t it?


trash box tokyo

This is the slot. It’s cool because you can’t tell that it’s a trash bin.



It IS cool but the trash bin itself looks pricy so I think they got their priorities wrong.

I mean a trash bin doesn’t have to be so high-tech if each one of us consciously separate trash!


Anyway, since my office is close to where the bin is, I am going to see it someday.


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is the JAPAN Style!



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