Kawaii Slip-on Sneakers Look familiar…



Take a look at these cute blue slip-on sneakers šŸ˜€ Do you notice anything special? Maybe the red trim with yellow half moon charm remind you of somethingā€¦ Yes! These sneakers resemble the body of “Doraemon”! These kawaii sneakers are being marketedĀ as a part of the the new Doraemon’s 3D animation movie, “STAND BY ME, DORAEMON”, that will be released on August 8th. The sneakers come in a special box with some impressive scenes from the movie printed on it.


[Product descriptions]
Ladies’ sizes:Ā M23.5cm, L24.5cm
Men’s size: 27.5cm (one size only)
Price: Ā„4,212 (= US$41.25)
Release date: July 31Ā 
Currently accepting pre-orders on Amazon.co.jp!

Hmm. It seems like the size variations are limitedā€¦ Don’t you think they should produce baby sneakers as well? Those would be super cute! šŸ˜‰


Source: Youpouch


Author: Junko


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