Kawaii Slip-on Sneakers Look familiar…



Take a look at these cute blue slip-on sneakers 😀 Do you notice anything special? Maybe the red trim with yellow half moon charm remind you of something… Yes! These sneakers resemble the body of “Doraemon”! These kawaii sneakers are being marketed as a part of the the new Doraemon’s 3D animation movie, “STAND BY ME, DORAEMON”, that will be released on August 8th. The sneakers come in a special box with some impressive scenes from the movie printed on it.


[Product descriptions]
Ladies’ sizes: M23.5cm, L24.5cm
Men’s size: 27.5cm (one size only)
Price: ¥4,212 (= US$41.25)
Release date: July 31 
Currently accepting pre-orders on Amazon.co.jp!

Hmm. It seems like the size variations are limited… Don’t you think they should produce baby sneakers as well? Those would be super cute! 😉


Source: Youpouch


Author: Junko


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