New Non-Bitter Green Pepper Even Kids Like it!

The food disliked the most by many Japanese children – green pepper. Even some adults hesitate to eat the vegetable with the peculiar scent and the bitterness. But because it is high in nutritional value, it is often finely chopped and sneakily put in dishes at households.


Photo by MOMO


Takii Shubyou (Kyoto) developed non-bitter “kodomo piman,” in English “kids green pepper,” and will release in the market very soon.

It took 10 years for the nursery company to produce it by crossing non-hot jalapeno and green pepper. It doesn’t have strong “green pepper” smell and is long and narrow like a jalapeno. It has more vitamin C and carotene than usual breed of green pepper.


According to the company’s tasting survey on elementary school students, about 80% of children liked the new green pepper better than a usual one.

No body can’t tell whether it gets popular or not, but it sure is a good first step for children who can’t eat green pepper.


Source: Searchina Nov/2/1010



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