Beauty Contest to Choose Most Beautiful Eyelashes in Japan?

I think women in general enjoy paying attention to beauty care, and of course, Japanese women love to keep themselves beautiful including their hair, skin, nails etc…  Today, I would like to introduce an article about Japanese beauty championship for eyelashes.

This eyelashes beauty contest is basically a contest to choose a lady with the most beautiful eyelashes, but surprisingly, this contest has only started last year.  But despite such a short history, it became a very popular in a short period of time.  What is the reason behind the popularity??



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According to the article, the contest is sponsored by a cosmetics supplier, and their commercial model seems to play a role of a main judge of the championship.

Ordinary girls may say that they cannot even consider standing up for such a contest with a famously-known, beautiful judge as the contest hall must be packed up with loads of almost unbeatable beauties.  But actually, you don’t have to worry such a thing at all!  Why?  Because you only have to submit your picture with your beautiful eyelashes to apply, so literally anybody can apply to this contest.

Wow, this may help very shy girls with beautiful eyelashes to apply without confronting other contestants 🙂

The best eyelashes will be carefully chosen by rating length, volume and degree of curl as well as balance of each element. Also, judges will be checking how your eyelashes are beautifully separated without heavy look.

A lucky girl with the best eyelashes will be able to receive 50,000 yen (US$640) as a prize with an opportunity to appear in magazine or on TV.

Well, 50,000 yen sounds a bit small as a prize of the contest to be honest (Lol), but you can still appear in magazine and stuff, so this can be reasonable??  Anyway, I hope many girls will enjoy applying for this contest with a little bit of courage^^


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