“Air Shodo” Online Japanese Calligraphy


“Air Shodo” is a free online application that gives you shodo (asian calligraphy) experience!

It is like “Online Calligraphy Wallpaper Maker” I recently posted, but from my experience, Air Shodo is easier to manipulate the brushes.

Air Shodo Website http://air-shodo.catnet.co.jp/siteDraw.php

The default setting is medium sized brush and black ink. You can change it to either big or small brushes, or different colors.


The biggest button is the “clear button” which gives you a new blank paper. You can not undo though.

The brush effect is amazing. It almost looks like real brush stroke.

When you stroke slowly, the ink appears thicker, and when you stroke fast, the ink appears thinner.

You can save your work as PNG file by clicking “save button” above the clear button.

If you are interested in other people’s works, visit the website below.

Work List http://air-shodo.catnet.co.jp/siteSakuhinList.php
(You can post your work on the website after you agree to the Terms of Use which is written in Japanese.)


There are excellent calligraphy works. I can’t believe that they drew them with a mouse. Some people used the colors so well. Each artist there has individuality and it is amazing that they were made with the same application.


This is JAPAN Style!