“Song for Japan -We Are With You” by Exchange Students in Japan


I have watched a heartwarming music video which was made by exchange students studying in Japan. It is titled “Song for Japan -We Are With You,” and shared in a Japanese novelist and essayist, Taguchi Randy’s weblog.

According to the novelist, the song was written by Beth, a Singaporean exchange student whom she hosted in the past, and the song was performed by exchange students who think Japan as their second home.



It is very sweet and moving. And it is well done!

In the blog, Taguchi Randy, the ex-host mother said that it was wonderful and made her cry.

To introduce the her briefly, she made her debut as a novelist with “Outlet” in 2000. In the same year her essay “Dekireba Mukatsukazuni Ikitai” was published and won 2001 Fujin Koronn Bungei Sho (Literary Prize for Women Writers). Sexual occult is characteristics of her novels.

Her novels have been translated into various languages including English, Chinese, Italian, and Romanian.

She  is one of the few (or maybe the only?) Japanese writers who tweet in English to the overseas readers (link below).

You can read her interview in English in Taguchi Randy Official Website (English).


Taguchi Randy Weblog (Japanese)
Taguchi Randy Twitter (English)