Wow! Christmas “Sushi” Cakes!?

In Japan, people celebrate Christmas as a winter fun event, and many households order Christmas cakes before Christmas Eve.

Strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, bûche de Noël, ice cream cake…while there are various kinds of classic cakes to choose from, I found a new type of Christmas cake.


It is a Christmas “Sushi” cake!!!


Any way you look at it, it is… sushi. Santa Claus is surrounded by over 10 kinds of seafood on rice.

It is made by a sushi studio, Ryu-gu-jo, and they offer different designed “sushi” decoration cakes.



They are perfect for those who can’t eat sweets, and can be dinner and dessert all at once!


Source: Ruriiro Tradition


This is JAPAN Style!



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