“iBenjo (iLavatory)” iPhone Application


A free iPhone application released last month, “iBenjo” caught quite attentions among Japanese iPhone users. “Benjo” means lavatory, and what it does it making water sounds to cover the sound of excretion.

“iBenjo” video


The animation will be your company in a lonely stall lol. The app has three kinds of water flushing sounds and comic-like manual.


The users left these messages;

“I like this kind of thing.”


“I had been waiting for it.”

“Good idea.”

“I wish it was louder (because my sound is louder than that).”


It may sound weird to you, but the Japanese flush toilet during excretion to camouflage the sound; therefore, some public restrooms have noise maker installed. Also portable noise makers are sold in the market.


iBenjo by TRYCHEST


This is JAPAN Style!



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