Japanese Chefs’ Performances

Today I want to show you two videos of Japanese chefs’ tricks. The first one is a ramen chef and his assistant’s brilliant teamwork.


Photo by idumilk


Isn’t this look good? This shio (salt) ramen has pork, cabbage, carrot, sprouts, corn, and green onion. At Hajime ramen restaurant in Yamatotakada, Nara Prefecture, the chef and the assistant make this ramen quickly as if they are dancing.




The comments on the video are questioning “why does she turn?” “Is it needed?” but I think speed is important when you make ramen, because the noodle absorbs the soup as time goes on. That is why they are so nimble (especially the assistant). They are husband and wife, so no wonder they make a perfect pair!


The second one is a Japanese sweet sold by ITAYA in Kanazawa, [W:Ishikawa Prefecture].


Photo by blackonejun


This cute sweet is called Komokaburi. A sweetened chestnut and sweet red bean paste are wrapped by thin sponge cake, and decorated with a piece of sea weed. I have to say this but sea weed is not usually used for sweets. So I want to try how good it is when I go to Kanazawa.


Let’s see how they make it!




It is amazing how he put the dough evenly and so quickly. It is like watching a fast forward video. It looks hot when he touches the iron plate.


This is JAPAN Style!



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