Fuji-Q Highland’s Vending Machine-Like Website

Look at this picture! It is a vending machine, but not an ordinary vending machine…



It’s the website of a Japanese amusement park, Fuji-Q Highland, and each drink leads to the introduction of the attraction. When you click each drink, a new page appears.

The top two rows are “cold drinks” = “exciting attractions,” the middle row is “warm drinks” = “shows,” “company info,” etc, and the bottom row is for “hot” = “accommodation,” “park tickets.”

The very top big can leads a website for the latest roller coaster called Takabisha which features a 121-degree freefall.



Fuji-Q Highland has more crazy roller coasters. You can read about them in the Japanstyle’s past posts; EEJANAIKA and Dodonpa.

The park now has Evangelion attraction too, where you can meet 1/1 scale EVA Unit 00.



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Fuji-Q Highland is humorous and very “Japan,” meaning the attractions are Japanese culture themed, while many other parks in Japan are westernized.

Even through the site, you can see the park’s playfulness and Japan-ness (^_^)


Link: Fuji-Q Highland Website (English)


This is JAPAN Style!