Dogs Need Pajamas?

Some dogs wear clothes and costumes when they go out, mostly for the appearance and owners’ fun.


“Cowy Dachshunds” Photo by ren


Sometimes they are put clothes to protect against cold.


“A Corgi in Snow” Photo by トム


Just as humans wear loungewear or pajamas in their houses, it is time for dogs to wear pajamas in their houses.

Unlike dog costumes, pajamas have some practical purposes.

・ Protect against cold.

・ Help to reduce hair falling out.

・ Prevent a dog from scratching its body.

・ Protect against bugs (mosquitos).


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According to a Japanese dog clothing brand, Alphaicon, the best repeat-order item is a dog pajama called “O-pajama,” which covers legs and fits perfectly to a dog.

Now it is one of the brand’s regular assortments, but it hadn’t been easy for them to broaden the necessity of the 4 legs covered pajama.

Being the best repeat-order item now, it proved that the dog owners found that the pajamas work!

5 colors and 15 sizes are available in O-pajama. You can buy it at Rakuten (English).


Source: Excite News (Japanese)


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