“Bijin” Count-up Game for Darts

On this blog, we have made posts about digital clocks called Bijin-Tokei and Hanayome-Tokei. With these devices, beautiful girls or brides tell you the time.

And today, we would like to share new a “bijin” (beautiful woman) series; Bijin Count-up game for darts.



Point range for darts is 1~1440. Every time you throw a dart, a different beautiful Japanese woman tells the point value of your throw and  your increasing score!! In other words, if you want to see the same girl, you have to hit the same point on the board 😉

When people play a regular dart game, they usually try to earn as many points as possible. But when they play this count-up game, they try to hit certain points to see their favorite girls. The game can be really fun, but may not be suitable for a date with your girlfriend (^^;)


Source: nanapi


This is JAPAN Style!