Japanese Salarymen’s Pocket Money

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According to a survey of male white-collar workers in their mid-twenties to mid-fifties (=”salarymen” in Japanese), monthly pocket money now averages ¥36500 (US$450). This amount is ¥4100 (US$50) lower than last year, and the lowest since the burst of Japan’s economic bubble. The decline of the salaryman’s pocket money has continued for the last four years.

This ¥36500 is money mostly for meals, social expenses, and maybe for some shopping too.

Under this sad situation, Japanese salarymen are being forced to make many small efforts to save money. They take “bento” lunch to work as often as possible. According this survey, Japanese salarymen take bento 1.84 times a week (0.34 times more than last year). And the budget for eating-out is ¥490 (US$6), while it was more than ¥500 between 2007 to 2010.

The ideal amount for their monthly pocket money is ¥61300 (US$758). When their money is running short, 60% of salarymen just keep resisting their temptations (^^;)


Source: MSN Sankei News


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