No More Pins and Needles! Japanese Seiza (straight sitting) Aids

In Japan, we occasionally have to sit in seiza, which is the traditional formal way of sitting that one kneels with the tops of the feet flat on the floor, and sits on the soles. If you are familiar with Japanese traditional arts, you may know how to sit in seiza, and how painful to sit in the position for a long time!


“Rabbit Sitting in Seiza”

Illustration of rabbit by 白玉 and back ground by もとみ

To avoid pins and needles, there are special small stools that ease the weight put on the feet without breaking the form of seiza. Popular ones are foldable tiny stools without backs, and the seats are usually covered with Japanese style fabric.

You can also find new style stools. For example, these are mushroom shaped stools. You can sit on the top with your knees folded.



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These are cute and comfortable but not appropriate to take to traditional ceremonies.

This one introduced in the video below is a bag-in foldable seiza aid. It is so compact and not so noticeable like other stools.



You can find more seiza stools in this page of Amazon Japan.


This is JAPAN Style!