Handsome Guys Tell You Current Time “binan-tokei”


Early this year on this blog, I shared the online digital clock that beautiful Japanese women tell you time, called “bijin-tokei.” Being very popular gadget in Japan, they start releasing make version of it!

It is called “binan-tokei” and means “beautiful men clock.” Literally, a handsome guy holding a board informs you the current time, and the picture changes every minute. Just like bijin-tokei, 360 different guys show up one by one every four minute.


The Public Relation of the company said “ever since the bijin-tokei was released, we had a lot of requests for male version from female users.”

They found good-looking guys and took photos on shopping streets in Shibuya, Ginza and Roppongi, Tokyo.


“The hardest part was to find handsome guys. Because our staffs are mostly men, it was hard to tell who is good-looking to women. We are exciting but at the same afraid to see female users’ reactions. ‘Comforting’ is one of the main themes for the clock, so we put a lot of soushokukei-danshi (which means “herbivore men” and is a new generation term to refer a gentle, not so manly man.) to comfort women.”


You can see bijin-tokei and binan-tokei on bijin.com. There are also different countries’ versions such as Korea, Taiwan, France, and Hong Kong.



This is JAPAN Style!



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