Japanese Hanayome-Tokei : Bride Clock

Last year, JAPAN Style made a post about an online digital clock service called “Bijin Tokei” and “Binan Tokei”.  In Japanese, bijin is “beautiful woman”,  binan is “handsome man”, and tokei means “clock”. With this service, an array of beautiful women and handsome men display the time every minute.

Today, I would like to introduce their new service called “Hanayome Tokei”. Hanayome is “bride” in Japanese. Lovely brides (sometimes with their grooms) tell you what time it is now. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂


Click HERE to check Hanayome Tokei!


The women appearing in Hanayome Tokei are not just models, but actual brides on the top of the world, so you can see really happy faces every minue! The bridal company, Relie, is still recruiting new brides who want to appear on Hanayome Tokei. If you’re a bride-to-be, why don’t you apply for it ;D?


Source: Relie Website and Yahoo News


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