Unique Cafes in Japan : Bonfire, Manga Creators, and Samurai

There are not only maid cafes, but also a variety of fun cafes in Japan. Here are some examples!


Takibi (bonfire) café in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture

This fall, an outdoor “bonfire cafe” opened in a mountain resort town Karuizawa.

The guests make a fire and can bake marshmallows and apples in a Dutch oven. Enjoy some hot drink in the beautiful nature!

Link: Picchio Takibi Café (Japanese)


-Creators’ Café “Akihabara Seisakujo” in Akihabara, Tokyo

This café is for manga writers who want to concentrate on drawing and use their office automation equipments. Guests can drink coffee, tea, cola, and other soft drinks as much as they want, and also they can bring food or buy snacks in the café.

Link: Creators’ Café “Akihabara Seisakujo” (Japanese)


-Samurai Café Bar Shi-Shin in Kyoto

Displayed Japanese sword and samurai armor, the café is filled with “samurai” atmosphere. Owner renovated an old Japanese house to open this café bar themed in Edo period (1603-1868). They serve local dishes and Edo period food. (Pictures are shown in Tabelog)

Link: Samurai Café Bar Shi-Shin Face Book


Vienna Coffee by F・MIDORI


 This is JAPAN Style!