With “phonetikana” You Can Easily Read Katakana


Want to learn katakana? Here is a perfect font to read it!!


(c)johnson banks design limited 2009



They were designed by a graphic designer Michael Johnson and his team at johnson banks in London.

They call the font “phonetikana”. Each katakana is written the pronunciation on it!!


For example, a Japanese clothing store UNIQLO is written like this in katakana.


(c)johnson banks design limited 2009



And pronounced “yoo nee koo roh”.


(c)johnson banks design limited 2009



Another example, “toh ma toh”= tomato.


(c)johnson banks design limited 2009



The design is stylish and it will be very useful at tourist sites in Japan.

I wonder if they can design hiragana version of it as “phonetigana” (^o^)/


To see more “phonetikana” work, visit Johnson banks website.



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