Wasabi Stories vol.102: “Don’t depend on IT but actually visit the scene and see with your eyes and feel”


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“Don’t depend on IT but actually visit the scene and see with your eyes and feel”

Today’s story teller is an actress, [W:Mie Hama].

She is also an agricultural administration journalist and visits agricultural villages through the country to actually see problems at each place.


“To me, the scene of agriculture is the place to find the problems and solutions.”


Starting the story, she told about the danger of IT society.

Nowadays, people tend to think that they can get any information as long as they have pc and internet; however, pc is not almighty.

You never know the reality of the scene and the people’s minds behind what’s going on unless you actually go to the scene.


She quoted from a book about a folklorist whom she respects, Tsuneichi Miyamoto.

“Prof. Miyamoto walked 160,000 kilometers, which is about four rounds of the earth, in seventy three years of his life. Wearing canvas shoes, hanging his black umbrella on a dirty backpack, he just walked with feet.”


In view of Prof. Miyamoto’s achievements, she thinks that visiting the scene and listening to the people there is important than anything else.

And he hopes that politicians actually visit the scene and see the things from the local people’s point to face the problems.


Her last word in the story was impressive to me.

“I believe that the true power lies in the solution brought by the urgent reality which is seen by walking on the ground.”


The NIKKEI Sep/26/2009  by Mie Hama (actress)


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