Wasabi Stories vol.134: “An independent adult bears responsibility for everything”


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“An independent adult bears responsibility for everything”

Today’s story teller is a soccer player, Kazuyoshi Miura, who has played in the Japanese national team.

The topic was “allegiance”.

We often hear soccer players saying “I do my best for my club” but it sounds something wrong to Miura.

Because usually a soccer player belongs to a club only for three years or so, it is hard to have allegiance to the club.



Even though a player followed the coach and the club and did all he could do for the team, it doesn’t mean anything at contract and negotiation situation. Although the coach side brings the word “allegiance”, they fire earnest players.

The characteristic of Japanese club is the intention to “train the players with great care.”

The training date and time are scheduled tightly, and sometimes the players are encouraged to keep diaries.

It is not bad; however, if a player thinks he needs more practice, he can personally practice, or if he feels he overworks, he can rest. In the Brazilian club where he has belonged, the players naturally did so.


Miura’s word,

“I think [Japanese players] lack spirit of defiance and independency. They tend to ask for coach’s help on the field. I think the fact that the people around them giving help too much is something to do with it.”


If the Japanese club trains the players by trusting their voluntary spirits, like the other countries’ clubs, lazy players will get lazier. Miura said that there are a lot of young talented players who ruin because they hate practice in Brazil.

But no matter how much promising a player is, if he doesn’t make effort, the club doesn’t help him. Before they try to help him, new promising stars keep coming. It is a free and harsh competitive world.

And it is the essence of the professional world.

The NIKKEI Nov/13//2009  by Kazuyoshi Miura (a soccer player of Yokohama FC and a former player of Japanese National Team)


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