New Generation Top LuminoDisc



luminodisc (C)BANDAI


High-tech top with real time spin counter, “LuminoDisc”from Japanese toy company, BANDAI.

It’s a new type top that not only children but also grown-ups can enjoy.

The top can measure the magnetic field of the Earth and while spinning, it counts how many times it passed south or north of the Earth.

It shows the number of spinning and animations on the LED display.





There are three games can be played with this top; “Just 100” which the player stops at the 100th spinning exactly, “10 seconds trial” where the player tries to hit more than 150 rotations, and the third one is to challenge high rotation number (the top tells you when you hit the highest rotation number).

The top can be used as a magnetic compass too! It displays four directions.

It’s compact, and the axis is foldable, so it’s perfect to take to a party and play.



This is JAPAN Style!


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