Instant Wet Towel Freezer “Push-hie”

When you go to a Japanese restaurant, you get a wet rolled towel after you take a seat. We call the towel “oshibori” in Japan. Today, I want to introduce this cool (or I should say “cold”) product related to oshibori.

Using refrigerant gas, “Pushu-hie” freezes wet handy towel solid instantly. It comes with a can of refrigerant gas and a tube stick with small holes. By wrapping a wet towel on the stick and emitting a jet of refrigerant gas into the stick, the towel gets frozen solid in only two seconds.



Unlike a usual cooling spray, the towel cooled by Pushu-hie stays cool for a long time.


“Pushu-hie promotion video (Japanese)”


Pushu-hie is perfect for hot summer days. It is also good to keep it around when you take up a sport.

Developed by a Japanese company Vipros, it came on the market about two months ago.

It’s now available at Amazon Japan at 1450 yen (US$19).


This is JAPAN Style!