Unique Fake Food Display at a Japanese Diner

I don’t know if you are familiar with this but at Japanese restaurants, there are showcases near the entrances to display fake food that are imitated the food they serve.


Fake Food Display

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These are the typical fake food seen at Japanese restaurants.

They look so real aren’t they?

Well, I found a unique fake food display in a blog, let me show you.


Fake Food Display
It is very Japanese style diner (or izakaya (bar)).


Fake Food Display
On the display, it says “the second good diner.”
Makes me ask “where is the best one? LOL”


Fake Food Display
Let’s look at the showcase…
It looks a omrice (omelet with a filling of ketchup‐seasoned fried rice).
It is knitted out of wool.


Fake Food Display
And the next to it, there is a “zaru soba (cold soba served on zaru basket).”
It is knitted too. The bowls are paper crafts.

Fake Food Display
This one is curry on rice, and a tomato sits in front of it.


Fake Food Display
This is surely a piece of watermelon but is this dessert???



Hmm, this is a special diner in a way (^_^)

I have never seen knitted fake food display. But I think it is a unique and good idea.


What do you think?


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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