Here Comes a Celebrity!


Have you seen celebrities’ private snapshots in fashion magazines?



Like this!



And like this! In these magazines celebrities always wear sunglasses and hold a take-out coffee cup in their hand in a very cool way. It seems that sunglasses and a take-out paper cup are celebrities’ must-have accessories.



This is our blogger, Ms. K. A very normal-looking woman. One day she wonders if she too can accessorize like a celebrity.



With a Starbucks paper cup. Still normal-looking.



She brought three pairs of sunglasses.



First she tries two pairs borrowed from her grandma. Is this a celebrity? Absolutely NO! She looks just like her grandma. These two pairs of sunglasses are not suitable for celebrity snapshots (^^;



This is OK. Let’s keep going with this!



Ms. K thinks just having “sunglasses & take-out cup” is not enough for her to achieve celebrity. So she adds “iPhone & scarf”. Hmm. But still, she doesn’t look like a celebrity (-_-; The problem here might be someone’s photo shooting skills.



So, she recruits this round‐shouldered pro-photographer.



Wow!! Here comes a celebrity!



A normal-looking woman + sunglasses +  Starbucks paper cup + scarf + iPhone + professional shooting skills = A CELEBRITY!



How about this? This time around Ms. K is wearing an old-fashioned Japanese apron and holding a rice scoop instead of an iPhone.



Hmm. Hmmmmmm…… Very iffy, I think (^^; What do you think? Does she still look like a celebrity?



What is she doing this this time? She is putting her must-have items on a tree to see if it will be mistaken for a celebrity. She has lost sight of her purpose completely…


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!