Spooky? or Kawaii? : Long-Haired Handbags



Sometimes in horror movies, long dangling hair is used as an effect to make the atmosphere more spooky. In one of Japan’s most popular horror movies, The Ring, the scene in which Sadako (a ghost), with long black hair veiling her face, crawls out of the TV screen and really gives the audience the creeps.

Meanwhile, a Japanese ladies’ fashion brand, Ahcahcum, produce very avant-garde bags with a “long hair” motif. The bags themselves look kind of functional and not avant-garde at all. The only strange thing about an Abcahcum bag is that long hair seems to be growing right out of it…or that it contains a severed human head…(>_<) There are some design variations, and the price ranges around ¥60,000 (US$588).

According to the source article, its enjoyable for the carrier of the bag to braid the hair or to do it up in a knot, depending on feelings(^^;) I personally can’t call this design “kawaii”, but it must be super cute for some advanced fashion lovers. Do you want one? 😉


Source: Netlab


Author: Junko


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