Ryoma Sakamoto Boom in Japan

Japan is in the middle of a historical hero, [W:Ryoma Sakamoto] (1836-1867) boom.

He was a leader of the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period (1852-1869).


ryoma sakamoto

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Ever since NHK’s year-long historical fiction television series “Ryomaden” which centers Ryoma started in January 2010, the places that is famous in connection with Ryoma have been crowded with Ryoma fans.


There is even beer can that has cartoonized Ryoma on it.


ryoma_sakamoto beer

Source: http://ruri.crara.cc/archives/5834/


SAPPORO has released this Ryoma canned beer in Shikoku, Chugoku Kyushu area since April 21.

Under the Ryoma it says “The man who ran through the time with his strong belief. SAPPORO kanpai (toasts) to Ryoma’s ambition.”

There are restaurants and izakaya (Japanese style bar) themed Ryoma.

So he is everywhere in Japan now!!



This is JAPAN Style!


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