Unexpected Google Logos


Google often shows special logos on holidays, famous people’s birthdays, and major events. Every single logo is very unique and well conceived. But one day a blogger, Mr. A, found a challenging one.


This is the logo. Hmmm… Can you recognize this as “Google”?


This logo was for Alexander Calder’s 113th Birthday (Jul. 22). Seeing this difficult-to-read logo, Mr. A came up with an idea to create unique Google logos with things around him. Things he selected for his first logo are these.


A soccer ball, kid’s sandals, big shoes and a small shoe.


Maybe you can find these kind of things in your home very easily. I wonder how these everyday objects can become the Google logo?


Wow! This is quite well made (^-^).


Mr. A created and found Google logos around him. Let’s check them out!!


[Level 1]  Easy to recognize 🙂


Fruits and vegetables.



JENGA bricks.



Voice recorder, SD cards, lip balm, and USB memory stick.


[Level 2] Getting difficult…





Cups and glasses.


[Level 3] Quite difficult!


Morning Glories.



Traffic signs and signals.



Drainage outlets. The letter “l” is stretching downward though…


[Level 4] Too difficult!!


Hmm. What’s this…? I can’t find any “G” “o” “o” “l” “e” letters, even after checking the answer image…



Cat. Maybe Mr. A just wrote “Google” on his cat photo (^^;? Or do I need more training!?


And these two photos have the feel of Google logos, but things don’t work that well actually…


Audi. Four circles seem very close to Google, but there are no “g” and “l” maybe.


This scenery looks very Google-ish, but it’s not perfect…


If you have a lot of spare time, why don’t you try to find new Google logos around you? 😉


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!