Wasabi Stories vol.215: “I Want To Stop Loving Too Much, But it is Not Easy”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is writer Reiko Morota.

The story is about her memory from her childhood.

It was just before she started elementary school.

She saw chicks for sale when she went to a festival. They looked so cute and she wanted them so much. She begged and begged to her parents to buy her one, so they gave in and bought her a chic.

She remembers how happy she was when she had the chic in her pocket and walked back home with it.

However, the chic died soon after that.

It was the first time she faced ‘death’ in her life. She sobbed uncontrollably.

Her mother felt pity for her and got a one size larger chic from a neighbor for her.

She named the chic ‘kokko-chan’. Kokko-chan grew up and started having crest as she got bigger. She loved her.

Since she had a chicken as a pet, she cannot eat poultry.

Then eventually kokko-chan got older, and she died.

Her dog also died about the same time as kokko-chan died. She was so devastated for the loss of her pets and she could not eat anything for a while. She was taken to hospital in the end.

After telling her story, she describes that she was a nervous and weak child. Sometimes she could not sleep because she was afraid of being not able to wake up again.


Morota says, “people live with the fear of death. I wonder when I started coming to terms with my weakness. I thought I have learned how much it hurts when I lose loved ones if I love them too much, by losing my pets in the past. However, here I am, I am still doing the same thing again and again without being able to control myself.”


The NIKKEI 03/01/2010 by Reiko Morota (writer)


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