Anison = Anime Songs are HOT in Japan


In Japan, anison has been hot especially since mid 2000’s

Anison is short for anime song which is including opening (OP), ending (ED), image song of an anime.

Many anison are sung by voice actors.



“Anison Top 10”



Even though the publishing market is in a recession, the magazines focusing anison and voice-actor singers are published one next another.

The titles are for example, “Anison Magazine”, “Anison MATE”, “Anikan R MUSIC” and “VOICHA”.

These magazines attract the anime fans who want rare anison information that are not found online.

What more excite the anison fans are the concerts!

There are various anison events held throughout the country, and the biggest one is annual Aminelo Summer Live which drew audiences totaling 50,000 people.


“Animelo Summer Live 2009”



Recently, Anison is more often featured on TV and radio.

The hashtag frequency of the anison show broadcasted on NHK-FM, was the highest in the world.

So it seems that anison and internet culture are closely related, and that is why anison fans has been increasing so well.



This is JAPAN Style!


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