Kaomoji Emoticon Lines for Emails etc. *(>o<)*(#^o^#)*

Kaomoji (emoticon) lines are fun to use for emails, texts and internet forums. The lines consist of punctuation marks, alphabets, and special characters and symbols.


*(#^o^#)*.*.*(^_^)*.*.*(^ 3 ^)*.*.*(=_=)*.*.*(x_x) *.*.*(>o<)*.*.*(T_T)*


The line above was made of only basic signs on a keyboard, but if you use special characters, such as hearts, stars, and Greek characters, you can create more variety of lines.


The websites below have a lot of useful lines. You can copy and paste them. (If it doesn’t work, you might need to add Japanese as an input language in your computer.)


Kaomoji Town  http://coco.pussycat.jp/kaomoji/mail_line.html
Kaomojiya.com  http://kaomojiya.com/kao/?other/line
Kaomojiyasan  http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/love2kaomoji/2019
Kaomoji Souko  http://blog.livedoor.jp/pepe_7/archives/50384211.html
Kaomoji Café  http://kaomoji-cafe.jp/facemark/internet/line.html
Kaomoji Station  http://kaosute.net/genre/line.shtml


The decoration lines are called “line sozai” in Japanese, so when you want to find more lines, search “line sozai” or “kaomoji line” and you will find more variations.

ENJOY (^o^)/


This is JAPAN Style!