Zori Japanese Sandals Mixed with Sneakers

Do you know zori? They are Japanese traditional sandals worn along with kimono. They are similar to flip-flops but zori have longer straps.

While there are a lot of variations in materials, this type of zori is barely found.



A unique pair of zori sandals mixed with sneakers named “Sneaker Zori.”

It is interesting that the two different footwear straightly combined together. Holes punched on the straps which can be dressed with a shoelace or left just like that. The colors are available in denim or canvas.



Two lines on canvas zori for men. They can go with kimono and western clothes.

“Sneaker Zori” are produced and sold by Konoshimaya Denimudosu in Kyoto. The brand features kimono made of denim.


Source: Ruriiro Tradition



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