Coming One After Another? Company’s Cookery Books

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Today, I’d like to introduce an article about recent trend in Japanese cookery book.

In Japan, cookery books of food related companies have been widely published, and are catching attention of people.  These food companies include company of rice seasoning powders, beverage maker and tea maker etc., and each company shows unique recipe of their own products.


According to the article, readers particularly like these books as they are typically written by employees of each company, who knows about the product more than anybody else. Also, these recipe books often include ‘voice of employees’, so readers find it very honest and convincing 🙂

This is very understandable, isn’t it?  Local people know about their specialty food of the region very well, and so do employees of these companies. I assume they must know their secret way to enjoy their produces as they are developing/selling their products by themselves.

These cookery books of companies typically include full of healthy food recipes, but some also include easy & quick recipes, which can be ready if you add a few ingredients/condiments to their products.

Ah, this must be convenient!  There must be many people, who would like to enjoy nice and tasty food and try to find very best way to cook their food even though they are very busy.  I’d also love to know such magical recipes myself 🙂


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Source: web R25


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