Dessert after Home-made Gyoza? Great Idea to Use Leftover Gyoza Papers!!

Have you ever made gyoza dumpling by yourself? If so, I trust how it feels when you fail to use the last few gyoza papers… but we don’t have to worry anymore because I found an article which explains how Japanese ladies are making the most of such leftover gyoza papers.


gyoza paper

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I remember I have seen that leftover gyoza papers can be used to make pizza snack for a light snack. It does look good as a finger food, but you don’t want to eat pizza even if it is very thin after eating gyoza…


gyoza pizza

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Well, here is the end of such misery. People nowadays apply little bit of butter on the surface of gyoza paper and place a couple of marshmallows and oven-toast them for 2 minutes.  And Tada!! You can add some topping such as chocolate, slices of fruits typically apple, strawberry or banana, or fruits jam before/ after toasting mash marrows. It seems the combination of crispy toasted gyoza paper and soft melted mash marrow go really well together  😉

Roasted marshmallows are good as it is, so there is no doubt it will taste good when it’s decorated with banana and choc on gyoza papers.  Also, it seems the combination of custard and fruits i.e. strawberry are equally yummy.  Gyoza papers may not be as nice and rich as pastry, but can be a healthy option??  Hmn, when shall I make gyoza next time??  😛


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Please let me know if you have your own idea of making the most of leftover gyoza papers^^  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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This is JAPAN Style!