Wasabi Stories vol.113: “Going Your Way”


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“Going Your Way”

Today’s story teller is a novelist, Kikuko Tsumura.


“I learned from some news that even among worker bees, there are female bees which have and raise children.”


Her story started with “bees”.


If only a queen bee have babies, the genes get homogenized.

To avoid that, not so many but there are some worker bees to have babies and concentrate on parenting.


“It is very interesting. There is another king of female in the honey bee society where it seemed to have two kinds of female bees.”


When she heard about the working bees on news, one woman came into her mind, who is a model, Alena Seredova and she is the fiancee of goalkeeper of the Italian national soccer team, Gianluigi Buffon.

In the story Tsumura told that she wanted the readers to search the model’s images online first.

The reason why she wanted to talk about Alena was in her statements and senses toward marriage and having a baby.

Alena got pregnant with her second child before the couple holds a wedding ceremony, and she stated about when they would have wedding.


“I want to hold it in the best shape. After giving birth, the lactation period, and getting in shape. Because I want to enjoy the ceremony as I like!”


Tsumura’s word

“What a positive woman she is. I am afraid that my low-spirited version of her statement may not be conveyed well, but I thought she is amazing; beautiful, sexy and strong. I feel her positiveness beyond her strong gene.”


Since she found this model, she started thinking that when people ask her “why don’t you get married?” or “why don’t you have a baby?”, she would show Alena’s picture and say, “because I was shattered” so that they would understand her more.

The honey bee news reminded her of the model because she felt like getting released from “woman has to do this” kind of rule.


The NIKKEI Oct/13/2009  by Kikuko Tsumura (novelist)



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