Wasabi Stories vol.217: “Humble Heart”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is writer Reiko Morota I have introduced once before.

The story is about a church.

Morota says that she used to go to the Lutheran Church near her family home in Shizuoka often when she was a child.

There were parish houses and missionary’s home next to the church. She was attracted to the white roses, lace curtains, cakes served at tea time which created distinctive and elegant atmosphere.

Apart from soaking up the atmosphere, her purpose of going to the church was to collect cards of the Holy Scripture.

They gave her one card each time she visited. She put them and treasured them.

Morota was a bullied child at her elementary school. She looks back and thinks that the church was a comforting place for her.

She did not understand the meaning, but she said the Lord’s Prayer before going to bed. She had never forgotten to add her wish which was typical of a child: “I want my parents to buy me a doll and one-piece dress.”

It was nothing like practicing the religion. However, she is happy that she used to go to the church when she was a child.


Morota says, “It does not really matter which religion and denomination you practice, or all mixed up together, or even being an atheist as long as you have a humble heart. That you believe in something beyond human understanding and we are made to live by an invisible power. Remember the time you appreciated everything and everybody and admonish myself for my arrogance.”


The NIKKEI 03/02/2010 by Reiko Morota (writer)


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