Japan’s Top Ten Delicious Souvenirs

One of the best known Japanese airlines, All Nippon Airways, recently made public the sales ranking (4/25-5/6) of souvenirs carried at their airport gift shops, “ANA FESTA”. Small regional airports have their own characteristics, while gift shops located in big airports sometimes carry souvenirs from all over Japan. You may have had the experience of buying something mistakenly because you couldn’t read Japanese descriptions on the packages. But after reading this article, you will never again fail at choosing perfect souvenirs in Japan!

The top three products among all the airports in Japan


1. Calbee Jaga Pokkuru by Potato Farm [Hokkaido]

Crispy potato sticks made with Hokkaido potatoes and special lake salt. The reasonable price might be one reason for the popularity.
6bags ¥540(US$5.30) / 10bags ¥864(US$8.50)


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2. Shiroi Koibito by Ishiya Seika [Hokkaido]

White chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat cookies. It’s popularity has endured for many years.
18pcs ¥1,142 (US$11.20) / 24pcs ¥1,522 (US$14.90)



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3. Hakata Torimon by Meigetsudo [Kyushu]

Sweet buns with butter and cream filling. Torimon often appear in a popular manga/TV drama, “Nodame Cantabile”.
10pcs ¥1,080 (US$10.60) / 15pcs ¥1,620(US$15.90)



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And the rest of the rankings are below…

4. Marusei Butter Sandwich by Rokkatei [Hokkaido]
Butter and cheese cream with raisins sandwiched between rich butter cookies.

5. Nama choko by ROYCE’ [Hokkaido]
Truffle chocolate

6. Kaitaku Okaki by Kitakaro [Hokkaido]
Rice crackers

7. Menbei by Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro [Kyushu]
Cod roe crackers

8. Tokyo Bono by D&N Confectionery [Tokyo]
Cheese cake sticks

9. Siumai by Kiyoken [Yokohama]
Vacuum packed pork dumplings

10. Kit Kat by Nesle Japan [Multiple locations]


As you might have noticed, Hokkaido souvenirs account for half of the rankings. I’m so happy about this result because that’s where I grew up 🙂


Source: My Navi Woman


Author: Junko


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