Nintendo 3DS Japanese Users Reviews

On February 26, 2011, Nintendo 3DS, a new handy game featuring 3D effect without special glasses, was released in Japan. The game console sold 371,326 units in the first two days.


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Besides the 3D effect, Nintendo 3DS hardware features 3D camera, variety of built-in software, Mii(digital avatar) surechigai tsushin (pass-by connection) which allows multiple systems to exchange data, used in DS and PSP. You can learn about Nintendo 3DS at the official website.

The software currently available for Nintendo 3DS are Ridge Racer 3D, NintenDogs + Cats, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, and more.


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Here are review on Nintendo 3DS by the users.

– It is fun because the built-in software itself has a lot of secrets and tricks.

– I want to show it off. Even the music player, which is not a main feature, is so perfect.

– Jazz and classic music sound like old record on the “radio mode.”

– The parts of Mii increased, so that you can make cuter characters.

– It is not because 3D but my eyes get tired just like when I play other handy games.

– I am happy that I bought it but 25,000 yen (US$300) was painful.

– It is playable with a lot of features like Sound mode or Karaoke mode (no vocal).

– The size, weight, and texture are perfect in my hands.

– I walked two hours in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and got four Mii people. Surechigai Mii square is good. (When you keep surechigai tsushin on, it automatically connects to other systems even your DS is closed and put in your bag or something.)


Nintendo 3DS Product Features Video


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