Instant Noodles of the World – Part 2

This is the follow-up to the article “Instant Noodles of the World – Part 1.″ Let’s keep exploring other instant noodles.

And the 3rd prize went to Gamja noodles from Korea.


Noodles are made of potatoes.


Topped with fried chicken, green onions and paprika


The soup is a little spicy, but you would like sticky and thick noodles.

And the 2nd prize went to basil-flavored fried noodles.


Genuinely delicious!!


Enjoy with a slice of lime, basil and shrimps ♪


And finally, the next would be the 1st prize. Are you ready?

Tom yam kung noodles!!


I can’t wait!


Shrimp soup is just awesome!


Mr. M said tom yam kung noodles were the best, sour and spicy with herb and shrimp flavor.

The combination of coriander and lime makes them more delicious. And sweet shrimps also taste good.

But, here is one problem. If you keep eating spicy noodles, then you want to eat something mild. Then, how about Japanese salted noodles? ^_^



This is one of the most famous packaged noodles in Japan.


If you add nampla and lime into Japanese noodles, then you can enjoy both Japanese and Thai tastes.


It’s a rare chance to use nampla in your fridge  (^^;


Smells fresh and good! ♪


Japanese salted noodles with Thai flavor!


Wait a second! Not only packaged noodles, he also found cup noodles from India.


This is the Indian foods and goods store.


2 kinds of cup noodles are on sale ♪


Just pour hot water and wait for 4 minutes.


It tastes just like soup curry with lots of herbs and spices.


Look at his fascinating smile ♪


If you try it, then maybe you can have this smile. Next time you have a chance to go shopping at foreign foods stores, why don’t you find your favorite flavor noodles based on today’s article?

Go for it and enjoy!!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!