Japanese Unique Toilets Exhibition — Part 1

TOTO_factoryLast weekend, I went to TOTO Ltd. Chigasaki factory to see “Unique Toilet Exhibition.”

It was very interesting to see the history of Japanese toilets and high-tech toilets, so let me introduce you what I saw at the exhibition.

<The History of Japanese Toilets>

1.Yayoi period (500 BC to 300 AD):
Wooden step was set by a river.
Because the excretions stay in the river, it was extremely unsanitary. (photo 1)


Photo 1

Photo 1: Yayoi period

2.Heian period (794 to 1185):
The nobles in this era used wooden potty. They put sand or ash, just like cat litter!
The bar in front is for a princess to hang kimono sleeves. (photo 2)


Photo 2

Photo 2: Heian period

3.Heian period (794 to 1185):
The square one is a uric potty. (photo 3)


Photo 3

Photo 3: Heian period

4.Early Edo period (1603 to 1701):
This wooden uric potty is especially for [W:Tokugawa Mitsukuni] (He was a prominent daimyo).
Japanese cedar leaves were laid to deodorize and to prevent urine to splash. (photo 4)

Photo 4

Photo 4: Early Edo period

5.Edo to Meiji peiod (1603 to 1912):
Getting close to the later Japanese toilet but still made of wood.
They put bucket to keep the excretions to use as fertilizer for their fields. (photo 5)


Photo 5

Photo 5: Edo to Meiji period

There are more pictures I want to show you. I will upload more tomorrow, so please don’t miss it!


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